Incanto Music Studio

Hand-selecting artists for their unique talent, creativity, musicality, expressiveness, and ability to connect with
audiences, Incanto brings you beguiling and unforgettable performances.??

Enchanted by a performance by Italian tenor Angelo Ferrari, I was inspired to open a talent agency to represent him in the
US. Since then, Mr. Ferrari has joined as a partner in the organization, applying his experience and knowledge as a
professional musician to provide ideas and guidance for the agency in general, mentoring his vocal students, and leveraging
the connections he has in Europe with directors and orchestras there to develop new projects and opportunities for Incanto.

INCANTO means "incantation" or "I enchant", and IN CANTO means "in song" thus depicting the powerful and magical effects
music and song can have.

Incanto Music Studio
623 E 11th 1/2 St,Houston, TX 77008
(713) 202-7488
[email protected]

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